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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome

What a surprise to find out over the Labor Day weekend that Google is finally releasing its long-rumored Web Browser: Chrome.

Google has many interesting projects... some make it and some fail... but in general one can see that most of their applications are designed to be run "in the cloud", and all those applications rely heavily in Javascript for the UI interactions... not Flash, not Flex, not Silverlight... so it was just a matter of time for Google to create the ultimate application that finally will tie all those applications and give them an extraordinary boost.

As they mention in the Comic book released for its launch, there are strong architecture differences between Chrome and the rest of the browsers:
  • it creates multiple processes instead of multiple pages/sites in one process
  • it provides a task manager for all its internal processes
  • it has a completely rewritten Javascript engine (V8)
  • it is built on top of the WebKit engine (the same that Safari uses)
  • a more streamlined UI with Tabs taking a primary role in the browser. Tabs become processes.
  • The "Omnibox" is the URL field for each tab and has more than "google suggest" and "auto-completions" features.
  • "Incognito" mode... browser without leaving a trail.
  • a better "sandbox" to improve security
  • Google Gears already built-in.
  • it is completely Open Source.
... still waiting for the Google Chrome download link to appear...

* Update * The link is live now... download Google Chrome here!


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