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Monday, December 10, 2007

Crappy Java?

Well, it's been out since October, but I recently came across it and looks like another tool that should go into our build process. Crap4J. This is the latest offering from Agitar, and graciously it comes in the form of Open Source... great!
As someone who is greatly interested in producing quality code, I see this addition to my arsenal of open source tools as a very good one. Along with PMD, Findbugs and others (in particular the code inspections on IntelliJ IDEA), Crap4J will now be part of the continuous build process.
Now, I am not comparing it to Clover, which is also in use at our project, since Clover is commercial and Crap4J isn't. The great thing about Clover is that it finally correlates complexity with code coverage, giving you very nice indicators of what code is at risk and where you should spend your 80/20 time increasing test coverage.

Crap4J is the realization of an idea that Alberto started in his blog a few months ago... "Pardon my French but this Code is C.R.A.P." and we can finally see the new CRAP metric out in the development community and materialized in a tool. Even though it will be criticized and challenged, I think it is a welcome addition to the arsenal of metrics, and specially because it comes with a catchy name ;-)