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Friday, September 14, 2007

BEAWorld and VMWorld

This week I attended BEAWorld 2007 and I also visited briefly VMWorld which I could enter as a visitor from BEAWorld's conference.

This conference is a big departure from the very technical conferences that I have attended recently in the past (No Fluff Just Stuff, RubyConf, MacOSX Conf, EclipseWorld) but it was very interesting to see what the world of big Enterprise Applications is like today. It was a short conference 2 1/2 days and all the mornings we had keynote presentations by several BEA Executives and also from CEOs and high level executives from companies like Comcast, KOHLS, FedEx and Intel. The session tracks in the afternoons ranged from very technical (Developer tracks), to very high level and focused to particular industries (Financial, Telco). So I attended the technical ones obviously and got to hear some very interesting ones.

I was very impressed with the size of VMWorld, and the number of companies building and working around the concept of virtualization. I have been a loyal user of VMWare Workstation since the early days, and I am currently using VMWare Fusion on my Mac, which is a really nice piece of software that allows me to run Windows, Ubuntu, Solaris and a number of Virtual Appliances that enable me to get things done more quickly.

On the BEA front, the theme of virtualization was also prevalent, specially with the recently released products of WebLogic Server - Virtual Edition (WebLogic running without an OS) and the WebLogic Liquid Operations Control, which allows you to manage multiple virtual instances of WLS-VE from a central location. Very powerful stuff.

I am pretty sure that the Virtualization theme will become more prevalent in the coming years. It has become a necessity in the current technology environment.