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Monday, August 06, 2007

VMWare Fusion

VMware Fusion

For the last few weeks I have been toying with the beta version of VMware Fusion, and today version 1.0 is being released. VMware recently entered the playing field of providing a virtualization product to enable running Windows on Mac OSX. I have not tried Parallels yet, but since I have been a long time user of VMware on Windows before, I wanted to give them a try and see how good they were on the Mac. So far I have been impressed, the quality and the features that Fusion offers are at the level of the Windows/Unix VMware Workstation version that has become the defacto virtualization tool.

For starters, the ease of installation of Windows using the quick installation wizard is very good. It also automates the installation of the VMware Tools, so you get a running Windows machine up and running very quickly.

But one of the nicest features I think, is the Unity windowing system, which simply removes the Windows Desktop, and makes all windows display at the same time with all the other MacOSX windows, so you can use Expose to see all the windows, including Mac and Windows. You can also use the Cmd-Tab keystroke to navigate between Mac and Windows applications. Very nice.

The performance of Windows running within VMware Fusion is also very good. I ran a couple of benchmarks for CPU speed, and the results were similar and in some cases faster than the Dell Dual Core laptop that I also use.

Installing Ubuntu was another test and as expected it went smoothly. Everything works perfect, including the screen resolution in Ubuntu that can be set to what the MacBook Pro supports.

I think this will be my choice of virtualization software for running Windows and Linux on my Mac.