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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Google Gears

The guys at Google did it again... with the release of Google Gears, the revolution of web apps just got a jolt of energy.
There has been attempts by other companies, most notably by Adobe with the Apollo project, to enable some kind of off-line capabilities for web-based applications.

But now it was time for Google to give the world in the form of open source, and not proprietary, a very interesting and powerful framework for making web based applications continue working when they are disconnected.

The best way to experience it is by using it in combination with Google Reader. I have been a Google Reader user for quite some time and I have always wanted to have the facility of reading my feeds offline. Well, now it is a reality. Google Reader is the first application from Google to use Google Gears. You can also try the online demos and sample applications, but it is much better to experience it with a real application. Now I can read all my RSS feeds when not connected to the network.

This is going to be a revolution similar to what happened when Google Mail reintroduced the fun of doing complicated and highly responsive UIs in a web application, which fueled the adoption of the Ajax craze.

Now it is the turn or the backend.

Only time will tell, but I see a great future for Google Gears and for web applications in general.