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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Apollo, WebTop and Laszlo Ajax

This week there were a lot of announcements for the RIA (Rich Internet Applications) world... thanks to the AJAXWorld Conference.

Adobe launched the alpha version of Apollo, the new runtime that allows the development of RIA in the desktop, so leveraging Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript and Ajax into applications that are web-enabled when connected to the network, and desktop applications that continue working disconnected from the server. Looks like this is the beginning of the convergence of applications that will work seamless in a web and desktop environment.

Laszlo Systems, released 2 products:

- OpenLaszlo version 4, which renders UI in Flash or DHTML with the exact same functionality.
- Laszlo WebTop, a commercial product built on top of OpenLaszlo that enables the creation of desktop-like applications using OpenLaszlo components with functionality similar to a Portal, but in RIA terms.

And with the recent comments from Bruce Eckel regarding his newly found love for Flex, looks like this year is going to be interesting for the advancement in the RIA world.