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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ubuntu and Windows sharing laptop

When the latest release of Ubuntu was released (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS) I decided it was time to install it on my laptop (Dell Latitude D600). But since I also need to work on Windows applications, I needed to have both in a dual boot configuration. I had been playing with Ubuntu using VMWare for some time now and was really impressed with the features, the stability and the ease of use.
This was also an opportunity to upgrade the laptop's hard drive, so I got an 80GB drive and installed Windows XP first. Then I installed Ubuntu from the Live CD following the simple instructions. There are also some tutorials on the net (here and here) and a funny video.

So what is there to report on this? Well, I was amazed on the simplicity of the startup process for Ubuntu, but the most surprising thing was that after Ubuntu was installed... everything worked. That is the video was at the maximum resolution, wireless card working, USB, touchpad, ethernet card, sound, etc. I didn't have to install additional drivers. Unlike the installation of Windows XP which required me to install special drivers from the Dell website, specially for sound, video and wireless.

Out of the box, Ubuntu provides a very good experience. It is fast, comes preloaded with all the essential software: Firefox browser, Open Office suite, GIMP, package manager, auto updater, dictionary, games,

Beware Vista... the big threat is not MacOSX, it is Ubuntu... because once the Enterprise finds about this gem, it will realize that Ubuntu provides a very comprehensive system built on an open source foundation, stable, reliable, and with a minimal cost.

Of course, this will take a few years... the Microsoft domination in the OS arena is going to be history...