Emilio Suarez's WebLog

Friday, September 16, 2005

CruiseControl 2.3

CruiseControl has been around for quite some time, and just a few weeks ago it was updated to release 2.3. It had been a while since version 2.2 had been updated, and I think it was time. The mayor feature in this release, is that it comes bundled with a Servlet engine: Jetty

Why is this important? In my opinion CruiseControl has been a good piece of software for setting up your automatic build environment, but it has always been a little tricky to setup. With this version, they have managed to get the user up to speed with a simple installation. So I think this will help more people adopt this good piece of open software to run their builds.

We are still using CruiseControl with Tomcat, which is the most popular setup, and have been adding a number of reports to the build environment. We now run the usual JUnit test reports, JDepend report, Cobertura report plan to add more.

It makes sense to have a pretty robust build environment along with other tools, since we are striving to create a product that analyses software to find bugs. Our software needs to be in much better shape in this regard, so we are going to be adding all kinds of tools and measurements to make sure we are delivering quality software.

Anyway, congratulations to the CruiseControl team for a good milestone, and we look forward to more improvements!