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Friday, July 15, 2005

More Ruby on Rails... DenverJUG July-05

I attended the presentation at the Denver JUG on "Ruby on Rails" from David Geary... the author of... what? "Core Java Server Faces", "Advanced Java Server Pages", "Core Java 2"...

Yes David has been involved in the Java world for quite some time, and has been involved with multiple projects and initiatives regarding J2EE. So this move into RoR is quite surprising... although not that much... once you start playing with RoR and discover how powerful it is, you are going to start changing your mind... just like Gary did. At the beginning he was very skeptic about it and had some hard word for it, which David rebutted word by word... so it looks like he took a look back again... and this time he got convinced.

Very nice demo of RoR, but if you want to take a look yourself, watch in in action, or hear about it in your iPod!!!


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