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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

PDF and Flash

Now that Adobe is acquiring Macromedia, the landscape of RIA is going to get interesting. Just by marrying the two most popular products of both companies, I can see some very interesting things comming out. Imagine a time where you can send a read-only document with an embedded application. Well such a thing will be possible by creating PDF documents with Flash embedded applications. This would be a new paradigm for building small, compact, disconnected applications, that can also connect to a centralized server. A PDF document with an embedded Flash application, can be opened and the application can retrieve up-to-date information from a server. The user can update data, see graphs, modify the content, and publish the updated document.

There is also some overlap on their products, so I think there will be some consolidation there, like Photoshop absorbing Fireworks, Dreamweaver taking over GoLive and Illustrator taking an edge over Freehand.

It is possible that both lines will coexist too. There is big customer base for Macromedia products, their ease of use and it will be hard to take that away.

What this creates too, is a strong competition for Microsoft, which has a roadmap for building small scale office applications using MS Office. I think the combination of PDF and Flash will prevail over Microsoft solutions, just due to the fact that these two technologies are so widespread.

Anyway, it's going to be interesting to see how things evolve...


  • Hi Dear,

    I was just about looking for a way to realise that. I was thinking that this is already done!

    I wanted to create PDF documents with flash inside, as you say, this could be done, but not for the moment.

    good luck

    By Anonymous Sam, at 6:50 AM  

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